The last two months I been building Which has simple explanations of coding terms in under 255 characters and users can add terms, like/dislike terms or save them for later reading. So what tech was used? Laravel – I been using this framework quite a bit since I really like it, so i ended… Read More »

Using Package Auto-Discovery In Laravel 5.5

Auto-Discovery feature in Laravel 5.5 is pretty cool. It makes adding packages a little bit easier(or removing them). We are going to use anhskohbo no no-captcha package as the example on how to use it. Now we need to use the following command to add the example package to the composer file. composer require anhskohbo/no-captcha… Read More »

Setting Up Mailgun With Laravel 5

We are going to setup Mailgun to work with sending emails in Laravel. Its easy enough to setup and with mailgun you can send 10,000 emails a month for free which is great. Setting Up Mailgun Account After sigining up to Mailgun, under Domains tab, click on add new domain. It’s best when entering your… Read More »

Restrict Access to Admins In Laravel

I wanted to be able to have users and admins use the same login form and the admins have the same access as the users but with certain parts of the site only for admins without having to create a new table in the database as well. Edit Database Migration Firstly we are going to… Read More »

Lets Build A GO API

I started learning a bit of GoLang in my spare time, and the only way you can fully understand what you are learning in programming is by building something, even if it’s just a simple project. I always been intrested in API’s so I decided to build a goLang API to learn more about Go… Read More »