Monthly Archives: May 2017

Adding Search To Your Ghost Blog

The way i added search to my blog was using Google Custom Search. When someone uses the search box it then passes it to a Ghost page that we will set up, this is where it will display the results from Google Custom Search. Firstly head over to Google Custom Search page, then click Add,… Read More »

Why I Use Heroku

For project’s i mainly end up using Heroku. The main reason I use Heroku is that i can just code and the rest is taken care of, but with say DigitalOcean or AWS I have to maintain the server as well. They all have pros and cons. What is Heroku? “Heroku is a cloud platform… Read More »

Simple Way To HTTPS All Laravel Routes

I thought this would be a quick search on the internet to make all routes HTTPS in Laravel, but came across a lot of solutions and a lot which seemed like to much code/work for something that i thought would be a quick fix and some of the solutions just did not work for me.… Read More »

Setting Up A Test Server For Laravel

I always used xmapp on windows to test the code i write before running it on a production server which was fine on till I started running into problems with one of my projects which rfine on my PC but not on the production server. So decided to look around for a good option for… Read More »