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Restrict Access to Admins In Laravel

I wanted to be able to have users and admins use the same login form and the admins have the same access as the users but with certain parts of the site only for admins without having to create a new table in the database as well. Edit Database Migration Firstly we are going to… Read More »

Lets Build A GO API

I started learning a bit of GoLang in my spare time, and the only way you can fully understand what you are learning in programming is by building something, even if it’s just a simple project. I always been intrested in API’s so I decided to build a goLang API to learn more about Go… Read More »

Yet Another JavaScript todo list Tutorial

So to refresh my JavaScript skills I decided to building a todo list that will storage your todo list in your browsers local storage and will allow you to delete and edit your list also. Creating the html page Firstly we are going to create the html page for this tutoial. The below code we… Read More »

So You Want to Build a Reddit Bot

So we are going to build a reddit bot with Python that when messaged with the keyword “irishfact” in the body of the message, the robot will return a random fact about Ireland from our txt file. All the code for the Reddit bot is over on Github. I’m going to assume for this that… Read More »