Sean O' Neill_

Getting Married Abroad In Gibraltar

We got married in Gibraltar secretly with out anyone knowing other than ourselves, we just told everyone we were going for a holiday.

We were thinking about have a big wedding in Ireland but because of the cost(average wedding in Ireland costs 21k) and the pressure to get it all organised and keep both families happy, we decided not to bother and spent the money on us instead and be stress free, just the 3 of us (me, the wife and our 2 year old son).

It all started on where to get married, we were going to try and keep it in Europe and after looking at a few places like Prague, Denmark ,Grease, Italy, we ended up on Gibraltar because we did not need certificate of Freedom to Marry from Ireland which takes 4 months to get and usually can't book a wedding till you have it, but Gibraltar does not need this and also the paper work was straight forward, here is a link to what you need.

We researched into Gibraltar and we were going to use a wedding planner, but we found it was just as easy to do it yourself , you have to email the register office in Gibraltar with your date and time you want and the location(they have a list of locations you can pick in the link above), for us we just used the register office as the location to keep it simple, there is some forms to fill  up but its simple and you need give them a copy of your birth cert, passport for both people and this is all done over email and usually takes a few days to confirm.(may need more paperwork depending on where you are from) The total cost for all of this was about 107 Pounds.

After booking this our next step was to booking everything else. We booked our flights with Ryanair in which we flew from Cork, Ireland into Malaga and stayed in Malaga over night since it was a late flight and we already had the bus booked online from avanzabus for the next morning to la linea since there is no bus straight to Gibraltar. You get the bus from the main bus station in Malaga and the bus goes from platfrom 14 to the border town la linea and takes around 4 hours. When you arrive at the bus station in la linea you have to walk over the border in which you need your passport to get past border patrol, you can't miss the way to get to as you just walk towards the rock.

We stayed in Gibraltar for 4 nights and on the second day we had to go to the register office to bring our original documents, and apply for a Special Licence, and complete and swear the necessary affidavits( this needs to be filled in and needs to be signed by notary which the registry office will point you in the right direction), all of this only took 30 minutes to do. we used the notary across the road from the registry office Charles Gomez & Co  which coat us 20 pound.

After all the forms had been completed we were done and had to come back the next day at 12.30 for our wedding with our photographer which we found out to be very good from looking online and we booked him on Facebook, he also stood in as one of our witnesses, the other witness we found 5 minutes before the wedding, if you ask the citizen information they are able to supply you with witnesses also. I would recommend to find witnesses in advance as my wife was stressing out when we arrived at the registry office and had only one witness.

After we got married we got pictures taken up the road in the Commonwealth Park which was really nice. while taking the pictures it began to rain but the photographer Nicky was super professional and got some beautiful pictures. Once we had finished taking pictures we went back to the hotel and got into more comfortable clothes and got some lovely food at a local Indian restaurant called Khan's.

Over all we wished we had spent some more time in Gibraltar which is a really nice country and lots to do.