Sean O' Neill_

Projects ( not launched yet )

I am currently working on this. Couples can save important dates such as anniversaries, it also helps couples to set a date night, because these nights are often forgotten about! .

EverFeedback 📃

Helps businesses get feedback from their customers by using QR codes. Businesses were able to view all feedback from one dashboard.

CodingDictionary 💻

Has explanation of coding words, can have multiple explications for each programming word and the most upvoted one is shown first. users can add new words.

ExerciseStory 🏃‍♀️

Users could keep a diary of their fitness every day, if they continually entered their fitness every day, they would get a streak for everyday they entered their fitness, this was shown on their profile. Users could also check their current streak, add their fitness for the day using the Telegram messenger bot that was created for this platform.


This bot returns a joke using Telegram messenger to the user when the bot is messaged with the keyword joke.

TomTheBot 🤖

Python written bot that returns a random fact about Ireland when someone on reddit messages the bot the keyword "irishfact".

Code for some of these projects & others can be soon over at Github