Why Don’t Companies Want You To Work From Home?

By | 19th June 2017

In a lot of companies I see that you are not allowed work from home. In my current job we are not allowed work from home, unless we have some good reason for it or working the weekends, I don’t really understand why.

Getting a break from the office even only once a week to work at home makes me a lot more productive, I some times count down the minutes till i can go home again, in the comforts of my own home even with my family around I feel way more relaxed and get a lot more done and it also cuts out my commute of over 2 hours a day.

It also seems to be to do with “If i Can’t see you I must be doing noting” or “if the manger is in the office and the team is not who is he managing” which is for sure not the case.

When researching this topic, communication seems to be a big problem but it does not need to be, between daily/weekly team meetings and have a constant chat open in Skype for anything that is needed.

Support needed, this is another problem with not being in the office but most help can be given over a chat or video call, if not maybe a week every month to be in the office to do a bit of training. At the end of the day even if working from home is not allowed full time even two/three days out of the week breaks up being in the office and refreshes me and makes me more production.

Also if you meet your goals and deadlines I can’t see what the problem is, what do you think?